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Mike Parker 28 syyskuu 2020

Excellent service!

Having looked for professional proofreading services on the internet I decided to use Scribbr, and I am so glad that I did. Having worked for 4 years on my doctoral thesis I wanted it to be perfect. The service that my editor (Frank) provided was outstanding! The attention to detail and the constructive comments made have enabled me to submit a thesis that I am proud of (despite the outcome of my viva!) Thank you Scribbr!

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Marcin 26 syyskuu 2020

Very good job!!!:-)

Very good job!!!:-)

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Anonymous 25 syyskuu 2020

Using Scribbr's editing service was so…

Using Scribbr's editing service was so helpful! I wasn't as confident in my paper until Scribbr edited it. Having a second pair of eyes that know what academic papers should look like approve my paper gave me the confidence I needed to submit. I'll definitely be using them again if I need to in the future.

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ISSAM AL SHANFARI 21 syyskuu 2020

Great services provided by Scribbr

Great services provided by Scribbr Fast processing of transactions, in addition to good editors who are able to visualize any ambiguities in the manuscript, while providing appropriate options and methods Thanks Scribbr

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Shae Anderson 19 syyskuu 2020

Best citation generator!

It is such a helpful asset for me when writing numerous papers and having to cite so many sources. It truly was a blessing when I found Scribbr, I couldn't tell you how difficult it was to have to wrestle with other sites that would have citation limitations, or having to watch ads to generate another citation.

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Steven Patterson 16 syyskuu 2020

really nothing more to add than a 5 out…

really nothing more to add than a 5 out of 5! Quick efficient service - Thanks Scribbr

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Mohammed Ayoub Alaoui Mhamdi 16 syyskuu 2020

Excellent service

Excellent service

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SANJIAO TANG 13 syyskuu 2020

The editing inspired quite a lot on my…

The editing inspired quite a lot on my academic writing, I will ask for help the next time when I need to finish another task.

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Aseel Nasser 13 syyskuu 2020

The best editing site ever

The best editing site ever

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Kelsey BOWERS 12 syyskuu 2020

Feedback, attention to detail, the CARE! All amazing.

The feedback I got on my writing (I submitted a personal statement for admissions to grad schools) was personalized, detailed, and tailored exactly to what I asked for when I submitted it. I got the opportunity to ask questions about specific parts, ask the editor to look at theme, tone, organization, and voice‚ÄĒ all of which is something I struggle to do well with. Not only were ALL of my questions and concerns were addressed, but the way they were addressed was so.... human? Yeah, human. It was so clear that there was a human reading my paper that was consuming it as a human, not as a robot or a computer. She made sure it was alive, and that it was me. That‚Äôs exactly what I asked for. I got another edit within the same week, and I got the same wonderful editor, and since then, she welcomed me to email her questions (I have!!) and she responded SO quickly and thoroughly even though she wasn‚Äôt ‚Äúon the clock‚ÄĚ anymore. Can‚Äôt recommend enough.

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Me 12 syyskuu 2020

Can Highly Recommend

I have used this service three times now and can recommend to anyone. Will be using Scibbr to proof my PhD.

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Oliver 11 syyskuu 2020

Good Plagiarism Checker, But...

I used the plagiarism checker service to inspect one of my final projects for my PG course. I can say that it definitely works and provides a very comprehensive similarity report, which includes all the parts (including the sources) that match another piece of already published work (e.g., books, scientific journals, academic websites...etc.). The database is definitely huge. The similarity report can also be downloaded, which is a big plus! However, I have two main criticisms. The first one is that compared to the report generated by the plagiarism checker of my institution (which I believe is also powered by Turnitin), it missed out on some bits of texts. Although these were referenced properly, this leads me to believe that it may actually miss out on some potentially plagiarised texts. My second criticism is that the report often highlights random bits of text. Although this can be partially solved by excluding small matches, it still bumps up your similarity score, making you believe that you have plagiarised even if you have not! The price is rather steep too, in my opinion. I think you could try to implement more incremental pricing. For example, the price is the same whether you use 7,500 or 50,000 words. However, I have personally heard great things about the proofreading and editing services so I may try them out in the future. Thanks for reading my feedback! EDIT: Thank you for the tips. I appreciate the full refund and the top notch customer service.

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Jerome Hunter 10 syyskuu 2020

The editor was very kind and thorough…

The editor was very kind and thorough throughout the process.

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Cecilia Pacheco 10 syyskuu 2020



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Francesco Zoffoli 9 syyskuu 2020

wonderful job!

wonderful job! Thank you very much!

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Kritsadawatt 6 syyskuu 2020


This is my first time with Scribbr, I am really impressed. My research papers are proofreaded and edited in every detail. The editor also gave personal suggestions to improve my writing skills. I look forward to use this service again for my next research paper.

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Ramanjeet Kaur 6 syyskuu 2020

easiest citation website to use

easiest citation website to use, left a review because i was so happy with it, no pop up ads after every citation and very easy to use, definitely bookmarked for the future

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MY 3 syyskuu 2020


it was helpful Thank you so much

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Will Shaver 30 elokuu 2020

It was fast

It was fast, I couldn't find any other website including Easybib that I could actually understand and that was actually helpful. Then I found this and I am finally finished with my paper.

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Francesco Zoffoli 29 elokuu 2020

Great job

Great job. Thank you

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